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Akhtarul Habib Tuhin (1975-2004)

One person whose contribution to the development of Kajoli Model was perhaps most important was Tuhin. Without his indefatigable efforts and hard work in the early days of the project, the result would not have been so good. But unfortunately he passed away in an untimely manner. If he had been alive today, he would have been the happiest person to see how far Kajoli Model has progressed today. We are happy to dedicate this website to his memory.

Akhtarul Habib Tuhin was born in Andulia village under Harinakundu Upazila of Jhenaidah district on 9th March, 1975. He obtained his post-graduate degree in Sociology from Dhaka University in 2001. Tuhin was known to be a ‘bookworm’, with particular interest towards literature of the oppressed. He developed high interest and commitment to the causes of disadvantaged communities. On joining RIB, his interest had naturally turned towards education of children of disadvantaged families. His deep involvement in the early days of innovating Kajoli Pre-School Model as well as loving attitude towards the children of the low-income families have contributed tremendously towards shaping the Kajoli model to its present state. Tuhin, who demonstrated immense dedication, love and commitment for the oppressed and their children left us for good on 22nd April, 2004 after suffering from leukemia. Though physically no longer with us, Tuhin's  dreams and his work will continue  to live through the Kajoli Centres and the children who benefit from them.


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