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In January 2003 an action research project on early childhood education was initiated in Kajoli village, Sreepur Thana under Magura district. This initiation has now spread through out the country, covering 10 districts out of 64 under 7 divisions. Majority of the centres were established in Nilphamari district under Rangpur division. Presently there are about 111 centres in this district and the centres are established in Niphamari Sadar, Kishorganj, Saidpur, Dimla and Jaldhaka Upozila. In some other districts under Rangpur division like Ponchagar, Dinajpur, Rangpur have significant number of centres that is in number of 54. There is a center at the village of Kajoli in Sripur upozilla of Magura under Khulna division. Three proposed centers are in Gazipur, Jalikathi and Patuakhali district.There are 12 centers at Mohammadpur in Dhaka city. In cox's bazar there are 27 centers under Kutupalong and Nayapara upozilla. In all the places Kajoli pre-school centres have been providing pre-schooling opportunity to the children from disadvantaged families in rural areas. It can be noted that all the pre-schools are run solely by the community people. Research result shows that sustainability of these schools is based on social ownerships. Research Initiatives, Bangladesh (RIB) provides only education materials to the centres, like pocket board, pocket card and teachers training. All other financial and social support comes from the rural society as well as the communities. So far RIB has provided support about 225 centres out of which about 204 centres are reported to be functioning efficiently.


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