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Learning Component

Since a basic objective of the model is to make learning attractive to the children and to prepare them psychologically for entry into primary school, there is a lesser emphasis upon formal education. As a result the children of Kajoli model consider their centers to be playgrounds and their Kajoli teachers more as companions and friends.

What are the learning materials used in the centers?

The uniqueness of the Kajoli Model can be attributed to its innovative and playful learning materials. Only a small number of learning materials has been introduced in a deliberate attempt not to create extra burden on the kids and impede their childhood fun. No books, paper or pencil are required under this Model. Children are, however, introduced to books, paper and pencils only in the last two months of the year, when they are readied to enter formal school.

Following are the materials used in a Kajoli center:

  1. Pocket Board
  2. Pocket Cards
  3. Ganitmala (for math)
  4. Blackboards
  5. Story/rhymes books

How are the learning materials used in Kajoli centers?

Success of Kajoli’s teaching/learning approach largely depends on the appropriate use of the materials in a playful manner. Therefore teachers are required to make the use of the materials in as joyous and fun full manner as they can.Despite this “fun and game” approach, however, it has been seen over the years that through the innovative use of pocket board, pocket cards, black boards and other materials Kajoli children learn to read, write and count much faster than the traditional methods. ( See more in the "Learning Material" section in the top of right bar)


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