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Process of donation/fund collection:

If you wish to help any particular Kajoli Model Center listed in this website or want RIB to utilize your contribution for the welfare of the centers generally, please do so by using any method mentioned below. Please go to the "About Kajoli" menu, particularly the concluding section, to find out the areas where your help will be most useful. As mentioned therein, while the honorarium of the teachers at Kajoli centers (Tk. 500/- per teacher per month per center) is supposed to come primarily form the local community, at many places it is difficult to raise the amount and the teachers often have to do with only half that amount.

RIB would like to encourage all concerned to consider contributing a sum of money which would provide for half the teacher's remuneration, which is TK 250, on a regular basis, through, for example, an endowment. [ An endowment of TK 25000 would pay for half the teacher's salary indefinitely.] RIB believes the other half of the remuneration should continue to be provided by the local community. This is important to safeguard local ownership of the centers.

Another area where outside help would be most useful is in the construction of permanent spaces/premises for the centers, whether a tin-shed or a thatch-roofed hut. It costs, for example, around Tk. 7000 (US$100) to buy CI sheets for roofing. The other components such as bamboo poles and bamboo walls and labour are normally provided by the local community. Contributors may also choose to adopt a center. RIB wouldl do its best to link them up directly with the center(s) and ensure regular reports on the progress of the center(s), with periodic sharing of pictures wherever feasible.

To make a contribution following methods may be used: 1) Get in touch directly with RIB at the address given below and make a payment arrangement. 2) Send a check/transfer an amount to a special account opened by RIB for this purpose, for which the particulars are: Research Initiatives, Bangladesh (RIB), A/C Number 1507202280734001, BRAC Bank, Banani Branch, Banani-1213 Dhaka, Bangladesh 3) Use the PayPal method to transfer an amount by pressing the "Donate Now" button below. An arrangement has been made with www.drishtipat.org in this regard.


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